"Let me paint your best friend"

Commission Pieces

Thank you for considering a commission piece! It is my privilege to be able to create something memorable and lasting for you or someone you love.

So as not to disappoint you I would like to explain my process for creating a commissioned piece of artwork.

To proceed I will need:

  • Several high resolution (crisp, with much detail, shading/shadows, easily seen), photos of your subject. You can attach your photos when submitting the form on the left. You may also email it or send them through the mail (see address info on my contact page).

  • The size, color and weight of the rock will be up to my discretion based on the photos I receive from you.

  • Pieces begin at $65.00.

  • $35.00 for each additional image painted.

  • USPS Shipping ranges from $12.65-16.75

  • I will charge $25.00 extra for any rush orders

  • To proceed I will need your credit card information. You are free to call me with that or email it to me. Your card will not be charged until the day I ship it to you. I will them email you the tracking number once it is mailed

Thank you again,

Marty Schmitt